New Weight Loss Strategy for Biggest Loser (Job Satisfaction #6: Chinese Year New Dragon)


Monday … here’s another in the series of posts designed to make you feel better about your job choice … hopefully. And a possible suggestion for this years Biggest Loser contestants.

Chinese New Year Dragon © The Ponder Room

In this the Year of the Snake, Perths Chinese New Year fell during a week of 40+ days. Imagine having to step inside a dragon costume, then dance, twirl and jump, while other members of your team bang huge drums near your ears.

Not convinced? Okay how about this ….

Checking to make sure he’s still alive © The Ponder Room

Throughout the performance complete strangers will thrust tiny red envelopes into your face, often narrowly missing an eye.

© The Ponder Room
Then near the end of the performance you’ll have to grab a smelly cabbage rip it up, and throw it out the narrow mouth of the dragon, to cover the audience in good luck.
Repeat the ritual many, many times during the day and night for several days on end.

Clearly another job which seems to defy satisfaction. My hat goes off to all Dragon dancers working on Chinese New Year during February in Perth.

It also left me pondering ….

Will we see it on Biggest Loser as an alternative weightloss strategy for anyone tired of ‘step up, step down, side together, side together’ aerobics or the tedious airplane tug?

If so there could only be one thing to make it worse … scoring the rear end position … no need to ponder on this.

What do you think, anyone have a worse job they want to add to the list?



  1. How about an electrician in the roof space replacing the wiring for three days during the 40′ days?
    Finishing up sweaty, dirty and ready to collapse

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