Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Surprising find in the back streets (Piccolo's Corner)

For many years now I’ve coveted the corner store and I’m not alone. In more and more of the community research projects I get involved in, the findings highlight society’s hankering for a sense of belonging. In the 1980’s town planning research projects were all about getting the tenant mix right, in the monolithic shopping centres springing up everywhere. Now we’ve come full circle and long for the return of the corner store. The ability to walk down to the shop saying hello to neighbours along the way. Well, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Piccolo’s Corner.
Piccolo's Corner © The Ponder Room

Located in West Leederville Piccolo’s Corner is a refreshing delight. After a sobering visit to the ophthalmologist, I was in need of a hot chocolate. I popped into Piccolo’s with the intention of doing just that, but was instantly distracted by the food on display. The range of sandwiches, quiches and cakes eradicated any notion of settling for a quick drink.

Smoked Salmon Avocado Salad
Piccolo's Corner © The Ponder Room

Instead I opted for the avocado, smoked salmon and feta cheese salad. The amount of salmon and avocado in the salad was staggering. Often there’s just a nod to these ingredients, as proprietors try to keep a keen eye on their bottom line, but this time it was difficult finding the lettuce.

The additional piece of bread had a hint of garlic, just enough to taste and not enough to make you want to cancel your next appointment.

While it took a while to arrive at the table, this was soon forgotten once you realised it was made fresh to order ... no sad brown avocado dehydrating on the plate.

The atmosphere was comfortable retro. That, the location, and the crockery made me feel like I was in my Nana’s kitchen. I didn’t make it out into the garden area that day ...well it was 40 degrees outside. On that note the air conditioner was struggling, but then it was in most places.

Piccolo's Corner © The Ponder Room

It’s a shame the limited hours of operation (7am-4pm) mean most people won’t get a chance to experience the fresh food and friendly hospitality, but this is understandable given its location smack bang in a suburban street.

I’m almost looking forward to my next eye test as it means I can pop into Piccolo for a little longer next time.

Piccolo's Corner  garden © The Ponder Room

Piccolo's Corner © The Ponder Room

58 St Leonards St West Leederville

Open: 7am- 4pm Breakfast and Lunch Tuesday to Friday. Breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday . Closed Monday.

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  1. You've won me. Having experienced the flush of youth many years ago I have vivid memories of the corner store and the enjoyment in forging friendships around it. Happily there seem to be more of these corner mini restaurants springing
    up but Picolos is definitely now on my list