Friday, 14 June 2013

Rendered motionless at The Saint Bistro

Apologies to anyone who received this earlier in their feed, not sure what happened there.

The Saint offers an outdoor bar, indoor sports bar, lounge, function area, a Bistro and a bottleshop. We opted for lunch in the Bistro. According to the website all patrons are subject to ID checks after 3pm. Luckily we’d chosen lunchtime otherwise we may have had a problem … my octogenarian guests hadn’t thought to bring their drivers licences with them! I haven’t been out for a pub lunch in ages, so I was unsure what I’d find.

The Saint © 2013 The Ponder Room

Entering the Bistro we opted for the regular tables rather than the relaxed seating. I could see us getting stuck very easily.

inside The Saint © 2013 The Ponder Room

Inside The Saint © 2013 The Ponder Room
 The menu was extensive, catering for carnivores, vegetarians and gluten free tastes. We decided on a combination of meat, fish and salad options. There being no one else in the Bistro the meals were quickly in front of us.

I’d forgotten how large pub meals are, or perhaps, I pondered later … maybe the chef was just happy for some customers and the chance to cook.

Salmon Salad The Saint © 2013 The Ponder Room

The smoked salmon salad was a combination of capers, feta cheese, red onions, carrots, lettuce and enough smoked salmon to feed all of us, and then have some left over, literally as this is what happened. It also came with two dips - aioli and a creamy beetroot dip which was extremely moreish.

Salmon The Saint © 2013 The Ponder Room

The pork belly fell away and looked vey tempting, even to the non-meat eater at the table. Served on a massive plate with vegetables and the slickest sauce you’ve ever seen, you could have checked your make-up in the reflection, if you so desired.

The salmon came with prawns and a salad. Both the fish and prawns were beautifully cooked. The prawns and salad portions would have looked quite at home as entrées in some other restaurants.

Desserts were definitely off the menu, we were hard pressed just trying to fit in a coffee before staggering to our feet.

With most meals sitting around the $25-30 mark they were a reminder of just what good value pub food is. The quality of the dishes however suggested anything but the old fashioned idea of ‘pub grub’. The whole experience left me pondering on the current debate about ... why some Perth restaurants charge so much for their meals. The meals served up at the Bistro could easily have feed a table of five at other places. I’m definitely going back, I just have to wait for about a month to free up some tummy space.

For more information about The Saint click the link below. The specials change twice daily to ensure there is variety. The website also contains voucher specials.

If you book a Friday sundowner between 3pm and 7pm for 10+ people, you get a complimentary plater and they buy the first round (check it out on the website for the conditions).

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