The answer to one of life’s great questions found at Pica Bar and Cafe


In an earlier post (link) I introduced you to BF, the Maine Coon cat I met as I left the MoMa, Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond exhibition at the Art Gallery of WA. What I didn’t tell you about was where I was sitting. The Pica eatery is a schizophrenic mix of Bar and Café as the name suggests. It also proved to be the inspiration that answered one of life’s great questions … why does breakfast taste even better at lunchtime?

Pica Bar and Cafe Salmon poached eggs breakfat © The Ponder Room

Situated in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre Pica Bar and Café is a perfect place to sit and watch the interesting inner city crowd go by … a mixture of business people, students, art lovers et al, all mingling together in a collideascope of humanity.

Pica Bar and Cafe © The Ponder Room

First there was the service. I wandered inside and an upper cool super friendly employee suggested I take a seat outside and someone would come look after me, which they did.

Outside, included front row seats to the large Perth Cultural Centre screen which showed a loop of random images, short movies and cartoons, great free entertainment.

Pica Bar and Cafe
© The Ponder Room

Then there’s was the food.

I picked breakfast, even though a number of cafes would have declared it ‘closed’. My treat of soft poached eggs, smoked salmon, spinach and hollandaise sauce (served in your own jug), was a delight in terms of freshness, flavour and quantity, perfect.

Pica Bar and Cafe © The Ponder Room

Inside the bar area features a large blackboard of drinks on offer, plus a collection of different sitting areas to match your whim. The older leather couches caught my eye for another time with friends …

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Pica Bar and Cafe inside © The Ponder Room
Pica Bar and Cafe inside © The Ponder Room

Pica Bar and Cafe inside © The Ponder Room

Pica Bar and Cafe has friendly service, great food and a relaxed arty vibe that fits the Perth Cultural Centre setting perfectly.

As I unwound I found myself pondering one of life’s great questions … why is it that breakfast tastes even better at lunchtime?

It seems to take on a deliciously naughty air, especially when watching city workers racing back to their offices. The fact that  requesting breakfast at lunchtime often results in a haughty, conspiratorial look about what might have made you miss breakfast.

More about Pica and what’s on go to
51 James Street Northbridge.

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  1. Breakfast at lunch time is perhaps naughty only when it is necessary due to the previous night’s activities!!

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