Gordon Street Garage Tastebud Tune Up


Arriving at Gordon Street Garage on a Friday night the first thing you notice is the buzz. A multitude of conversations all meshing into a one excited hum. Strangely though when you get to your own booth it seems to ebb away and the only discussions you can hear are the ones in front of you. Nothing worse than finally catching up with friends, only to have to yell at them, and not hear what they’re saying. This was the first good experience of the evening.

© The Ponder Room Gordon Street Garage

© The Ponder Room Gordon Street Garage



The second was the food. The pumpkin pizza was perfect. Soft pumpkin, sweet onions and salty feta, what’s not to like. The seafood risotto was also good, if a little to salty for our taste and quite a small serve.


© The Ponder Room Gordon Street Garage Pumpkin Pizza


© The Ponder Room Seafood Risotto

A Chocolate Tart and a Rhubarb pudding were equally well received and quickly devoured.


© The Ponder Room Gordon Street Garage

Chocolate Tart


 © The Ponder Room Gordon Street Garage Rhubarb pudding

A mention must go to the staff, who were attentive without being in your face. At one point we were discussing how to get rid of our old CD’s, our waitress overheard this as she moved passed picking up our plates. Taking a step back she joined in telling us about her own success with a car boot sale.

© The Ponder Room Gordon Street Garage

The Gordon Street Garage is well worth a visit to tune up your taste buds … sorry couldn’t resist.
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  1. Where do you unearth these inviting eateries.
    Not good for one who is enlarging his outline daily.
    Still, Do enjoy your descriptive articles

  2. Haha apologies for that Anon. They’re popping up everywhere in WA at the moment, it’s hard to keep up. Thank you for your comment, will try and include a diet option … maybe

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