A taxing time, what’s it all for?


June 30 , end of the financial year can be a taxing time for all of us, especially those living through the dreaded stocktake. So I thought you might like a couple of quick reminders of what it’s all about. Hopefully one of them will strike a cord, or at least leave you pondering about what lies ahead.

The Beach © The Ponder Room

Surprising new music acts

Surprising acts © The Ponder Room

New food to try

New food to try © The Ponder Room

Interesting art and community projects

Interesting art projects © The Ponder Room


Parties © The Ponder Room

 Movies (or half dressed gladiatorial men charging in your direction, if that’s your thing)

Movies: Callan Mulvey in 300

Remembering what’s important, like those who came before us, to give us this precious life and all the opportunities to ponder what our own futures might bring.

Anzac Day © The Ponder Room


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  1. Thank you for reminding me of what we owe to those who have given us our freedom so we can pay our taxes and live to enjoy life in this wonderful country

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