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When a psychological thriller is titled Bad Girl and the poster depicts two teens, a pretty blonde and a dark haired goth, you can kind of guess what you’re in for, especially when billed as a psychological thriller. I hope that doesn’t put you off seeing this movie. Perhaps knowing that it won last years Best Film at the Annual Western Australian Screen Awards will change your mind.

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Set in the Swan Valley, Kalamunda and surprisingly Serpentine the visuals are stunning. So too the swanky show home the family lives in. A show home the father hopes will dazzle overseas investors.

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Bad Girl looks behind the veneer of the lives we project. It does so by exploring the relationship between new comer to town Amy Anderson (Sara West), her family and local girl Chloe (Samara Weaving).

Amy’s adoptive parents move the family to the country to give Amy a new start. From the outset it’s clear she’s had a chequered past, including a stint in detention. All looks lost for bored Amy who quickly plans her escape. But when let down by her old friends and local golden girl Chloe befriends her things start looking up.

Chloe soon beguiles both Amy and her parents, particularly her mother. One day as Amy’s mother voices her wish that Chloe were her daughter not Amy, she has no idea what she’s wished for.

As the credits rolled I pondered …

Bad Girl Behind the Scenes thanks Madman

thanks Madman

  1. While the story was somewhat predictable the suspense was well played, I was exhausted.
  2. The music by long-time Nick Cave collaborator Warren Ellis certainly helped keep my on the edge of my seat.
  3. Samara Weaving gets some meaty scenes and plays them well however for me it was Sara West who stole the movie.
  4. Fantastic to see another locally produced movie hit the big screen.
  5. W.A. scenery always looks sooo good on the big screen.

If you’re free on Friday 28 April check out the Q&A with Writer/Director Fin Edquist at Luna Leederville.





A locally made psychological thriller that will leave you exhausted.

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