Fremantle Street Arts Festival 2017 Review


Easter means different things to different people, religious commemoration, a break from work, time with loved ones and then there’s the chocolate. It means many things to me, one of which is the opportunity to attend the Fremantle Street Arts Festival.  This year was no exception.

Boucherie Bacul © The Ponder Room

Actually this year was the best yet. The quality of the performances was unbelievable. So slick, so professional you’d easily pay top dollar to see them in a formal stage performance. Five performances that stood out for me were as follows.

Boucherie Bacul

Hailing from Belgium this couple give new meaning to the word Food Truck. One by one they offered up a range of interesting delicacies – Barbie buttocks, Roasted Winnie de Pooh, Marinated Minnie Mouse. There was even sushi thanks to won of the owners finding Nemo. Utterly brilliant show that had been refined over 7 years. The show was only overshadowed by the enthusiasm of the couple to being in Perth for the first time. If you ever seem them listed make sure you go see them.

© The Ponder Room


Arrived actually arrived at their pitch as I could migrants would have. Wandering up the middle of the road, cars simply had to wait as the couple took in the strange surroundings. They stopped outside an OPSM store and proceeded to take it over as the new home. The show began with writing ‘home sweet home’ on the wall and carrying his bride over the threshold. Touchingly sweet reminder of Fremantle and Perth’s heritage.

© The Ponder Room

Tom Ward

A quiet interlude came from classical guitarist Tom Ward. It was fascinating to watch such a diverse audience stand in silence utterly mesmerised in taking in such talent. A reminder of how music has the ability to join people together.

© The Ponder Room

Love is Magic

Marc and Svetlana put on a great show that included singing unicorns, banana juggling and the best use of a wig I’ve ever seen. Svetlana’s sang while Marc strutted reminiscent of Ben Stiller in Zoolander. The show concluded in pointing out the secret behind their real life marriage … banana juggling. Biting off a piece of banana and spitting it between each other with pinpoint accuracy was mindboggling, especially when it also involved an unsuspecting member of the audience.

© The Ponder Room


© The Ponder Room

What’s Next

Just when I thought I couldn’t see anything more professional along came What’s Next. Five acrobats from Canada, USA, Russia, France offered up a dice and allowed the crowd to decide what they’d do. Options included juggling, skip rope, Rubik cube,  fire and others. The energy was non stop and with the Fremantle Doctor blowing strong their skills phenomenal. Again I’d pay top dollar to see them. I could easily see them performing in Cirque De Solaire.

© The Ponder Room

As darkness descended the street turned into a musical heaven with several small music stations.

© The Ponder Room


As I driving home I pondered about the acts I’d seen …

  1. My main focus was the Boucherie show. Billed as an adult show it was fascinating to watch the reactions of the young kids as each soft toy was dismembered. Theirs were the first hands to go up with the various limbs were handed out. They loved it. It made me pondered whether we don’t give kids enough credit. Do we really need to wrap them in so much cottonwool.
  2. It would be good if Boucherie used microphones so the people at the back could hear.
  3. When is a food truck not a food truck? when it becomes a stage. Such a clever idea. I’m sure others will follow.
  4. What’s not to like watch a group of fit blokes throwing each other in the air.
  5. Thank you all involved in organising this event again. Can’t wait for next year. If you’ve been please make sure you put it in your diary for next year.

For more information go to Fremantle Street Arts Theatre of the City of Fremantle.


10.0 One to cement in your calendar

Every year I am blown away by the talent and this year it was the absolute best.

  • just go 10
  • value 10
  • professional 10
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