Review: Sassy’s On The Swan now called Rubra On The Swan


Recently I’ve taken up cycling and one of my go to places each day is Sassy’s on the Swan, now called Rubra On The Swan. Usually I drop in for takeaway but the other day I managed to sneak out for a Friday lunch.

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Situated under the W.A. Rowing Club and on the border of Elizabeth Quay, Rubra is a perfect cycling pit stop.

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The café provides a great range of breakfast and lunch options but for me it was the toasted sandwiches that had me intrigued. For weeks I’d ridden past and read the board. Finally I was ready for by Ruben toastie.

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Served with chips and a descent sized fresh salad it was one of the best toasties I’ve ever had. When I say toastie don’t think one of those ones that’s been squished between metal plates until it resembles a pancake. No this was a rich sandwich full of corned beef, sauerkraut, mustard and cheese. It didn’t stop there. Instead of being warmed in a metal contraption it tasted like it had been fried off in the pan making the outside  a decadent crusty treasure. More like a croquet-monsieur than a humble toasted sandwich. Wonderful. And the price $15 for what was a dinner sized meal, in fact I didn’t bother having any dinner that night.

I must own up to the fact that I also had a warmed up chocolate brownie with ice cream.

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While the food is fantastic the service is even better. The small band of employees go out of their way to treat you like you’ve entered their own home and sat down at the family dinner table. Some of the posh seaside based restaurants could learn a lot from them.

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There are several sitting spaces so you can either chase or avoid the sun.

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As I sat looking out at the spectacular view I pondered …

  1. The view makes it a crime to read the paper while you’re there;
  2. A spectacular sandwich, I ‘ll have to work out how to find time to make it a regular Friday occurrence;
  3. So much better than the comparatively over priced offerings at the other end of the cycle track where it was $7 for a soya chia latte;
  4. I feel sorry for what they will have to put up with went the hotel starts being built, and really hope people will continue to visit them;
  5. As so pleased that as a heritage listed site it is  here to stay;
  6. Just as well I’m on the bike it means I can eat dessert guilt-free;
  7.  A perfect Me Time spot.

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8.0 Brilliant pit stop

Great place to stop in when out for a walk or a cycle around Perth's river

  • food 8
  • service 8
  • value 8
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