A Ghost Story movie review


A Ghost Story is another one of those hard to review movies. I knew I was in for something different when the person introducing it told us to ‘stay with it’. Turns out that was a perfect assessment and I’m very pleased I did.

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A Ghost Story starts innocently enough with a loving young couple moving into their home. Given the title it comes as no surprise when tragedy strikes and the husband (Academy Award-winner Casey Affleck) looses his life. What follows is an exploration into grief. At first from the point of view of the wife (Academy Award-nominee Rooney Mara).

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It was at this point, watching her eating her way through a large pie that a few people left. I can understand why. Our fast paced lives make it hard for us to slow down and be in the moment, especially when that drawn moment is once removed from ourselves.

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Also watching on is a white-sheeted ghost, the husband … standing … motionless … helpless.

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Unable to move on he is left to watch day after day as his wife moves through grief and onto a new life. Meanwhile he is left to his memories, a longing for love and connection.

The movie has been described as ‘a meditation of love and grief’ which is an apt description given it’s slow pace.

It has also been called ‘a unique experience’ which is also true.

Thanks to Madman

For me it was the very last frame that saved it. That final moment left me sitting in my seat as others left. I cannot say too much without giving away the ending but suffice to say I have discussed it with a few others and we’ve all come up with different scenarios.

As I watched the audience leave the theatre I pondered:

  1. An interesting idea telling the story from the ghosts point of view;
  2. I was mesmerised by the ghosts sheet, which wafted and billowed perfectly;
  3. I must admit to packing a stack of tissues and am proud to say I didn’t use one … well not until the final frame;
  4. Having seen Casey Affleck in two heart-wrenches recently I hope he gets a break soon;
  5. This is not one for the recently bereaved.

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