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As we move deeper into winter it’s nice to have a reminder of what waits on the other side. Some months ago I went to Hamptons City Beach and while it certainly wasn’t a great experience it gives me an opportunity to remind you about sunnier mornings.

© The Ponder Room

© The Ponder Room

Venturing inside I found a range of sitting areas. Tables, booths, bar stools, and two outdoor areas and decorated in cool beach tones.

It being a warm day opted for the inside carpeted area. While air conditioning was good the amount of open doors meant it had its work cut out for it. Its very rare to see carpet in a beachside restaurant and I committed this to memory, knowing it would be a quieter place to come with someone for a good conversation.

There’s no denying that the view was exquisite, but if I was only going for the view I could’ve stood outside to see that. I was after a celebratory breakfast after many months of work.

I should admit up front that this review relates to a visit on December 2016. While the restaurant hadn’t been open all that long it wasn’t its first week. As I sat waiting for my meal a girl wandered around the restaurant with a set of papers in hand. Without a word she plonked a sugar bowl down on my table and wandered off staring at her sheet. The item was so close to my elbow that I felt compelled to move it straight away in case I knocked it over. As I did so I noticed my table already had a sugar bowl. The level of service continued when I enquired about a knife and finally got her attention so I could place my order. I guess I should add that I was the only person in this section of the restaurant.

© The Ponder Room

© The Ponder Room

I opted for the avocado on toast which sounded perfect. When the dish arrived at the table it looked fresh and appetising. The avocado to tomato ratio was good and the added pumpkin seeds were a nice touch. My only disappointment was the size. Two poached eggs was great, but the small piece of bread had no chance of doing them justice. Another piece of bread, or a larger piece of bread would have been appreciated.

A trip to the restroom on the other hand showed great attention to detail.

© The Ponder Room

© The Ponder Room

All in all it was not the best experience and consequently I still haven’t been back and when friends asked for a recommendation for overseas visitors, I sent them down the road.

As I wondered back to my car I pondered:

  1. Its interesting how a dish can taste great but the knowledge that a small tweak could have made it even better, just leaves you feeling disappointed. It’s the small things that matter.
  2. Here’s hoping the winter break will give the staff more time to iron out any service issues before next summer.
  3. It would be great if all bathrooms offered the same extras.

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