Small Town Killers movie review


There are three words you should always take notice of, black … comedy … Denmark, particularly if they’re also linked to the Scandinavian Film Festival. In the previous post I suggested a couple of must see movies at the 2017 festival. One was Small Town Killers which I saw half an hour ago. The verdict …

thanks to Volvo Scandinavian Film Festival

It’s just soooo good.

Sure there are subtitles which means more work, and I should warn you there’s a fairly decent body count if you don’t like that kind of think.

With the premise of two husbands, called ‘Dumb and Dumber’ by the local police, who decide to do away with their wives rather than pay alimony, you can probably see where this is heading. Throw in a Russian contract killer and a very different kind of nanny and your mouth will soon be hurting from smiling so much.

You know a movies working when the full house cinema audience groans in unison.

Just see it. It’s that simple.

Go to Scandinavian Film Festival for more details and Luna Palace Paradiso



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