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Hampstead movie is the perfect rainy Sunday afternoon movie, an easy-going, second chance romantic comedy.

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Emily Walters (Diane Keaton) is a middle aged widow living on the outskirts of Hampstead Heath. As with most widows it’s not long before her friends try to set her up. One suitor, James Smythe played obnoxiously well by Jason Watkins is priceless and steals the movie.

When Emily meets Donald Horner (Brendan Gleeson) at the cemetery she’s intrigued by his reclusive existence in a shack on the Heath. With developers closing in Donald’s home for seventeen years is soon under threat.

A series of interesting ‘dates’ soon has Emily seeing beneath Donald’s gruff exterior.  Soon after Emily takes it upon herself to fight on his behalf when the developers become knocking.

As I emerged into the wintering day I pondered:

  1. It was interesting to remember that someone actually managed to hide away on the Heath for many years;
  2. Brendan Gleeson was lovely to watch in his grumpy teddy bear guise.
  3. Diane Keaton on the other hand was disappointing. Mind you if you have liked her past roles you’ll love this as it’s basically the same role all over again, right down to the hat, this time a beret.
  4. I could have done without being hit over the head with the environmental lecture but like I said, it’s a cute Sunday afternoon story.

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6.0 Sunday afternoon feel good movie
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