Paddington Bear 2 movie review


If there’s a movie you must see over the Christmas break it’s Paddington Bear 2. Honestly it’s adorable and I’m not just taking about the bear.

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Paddington Bear 2 takes up where the last one left off, and sees our little bear happily living with Mr and Mrs Brown (Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins) in Windsor Gardens London but he has a problem.

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His Aunt Lucy is about to turn 100 and he needs to find the perfect gift. After much searching he stumbles across a pop up book featuring all the key places in London. His Aunt Lucy had always wanted to travel to London but age had caught up with her. The book could send London to Aunt Lucy. The only trouble was the price, it was very expensive. Paddington is not deterred, he undertakes a series of odd jobs to raise the funds and soon almost has enough to buy the book, almost.

But someone else is interested in the book too, for this is no ordinary book it points the way to a great treasure.

When the book is stolen the race is on. Who will be the ultimate owner, Aunt Lucky or a money hungry relative of the books author?

The movie boasts a wonderful who’s who cast who are given great material and use it wisely (unlike another movie currently doing the rounds with a cast of icons).  Mrs Bird (Julie Waters) gets to deliver one of the best lines in the movie about the devious character of actors.  Brendan Gleeson  is terrific as marmalade loving inmate Knuckles McGinty and Peter Capaldi from Dr Who fame is perfectly cast as the gruff parking inspector Mr Curry.

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But it is Hugh Grant who surprises and steals the show. Echoing the old English thespians he is simply delightful in all his many disguises.

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Paddington Bear 2 is a delightful, funny must for children and adults. As went into the bathroom and began trying to rub of the red toffee apple ring from around my mouth I pondered:

  1. It is a movie about love, never giving up, paying back, the benefits of yoga and the power of marmalade sandwiches.
  2. It also features the best use of toffee apples.
  3. But mostly it is a brilliant show reel for Hugh Grant who out cute’s the bear.
  4. Watch the credits for a hilarious song and dance routine.
  5. Hugh Grants character asks ‘what am I like?’ the answer is utterly adorable.

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