First challenge for Aussies, the National Surf Life Savings Championships 2014


If you have a body fat count above 4% or are the slightest bit body conscious you might want to avoid Scarborough Beach this week. On the other hand if you are a connoisseur of fit bodies and mind blowing human endeavours, head on down who knows what you might find. 

Aussies 2014 © The Ponder Room

This week will see 5,000 surf lifesavers from 190 clubs compete in 382 events, held over 2 kilometres of beach … phew. 

Aussies 2014 © The Ponder Room

The toilets have been cleaned, more chairs, sausages and buns ordered and the helipad is in place.
But first there’s a small matter of locating your equipment amongst all the others, and I thought finding two matching socks was hard.

The Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships will be held from March 31st until April 6th

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