Surfing without water. Tarp Surfing at WA Day 2014

Regular readers know that I love hearing about ideas that foster community development. During WA Day I came across Tarp Surfing, a fantastic cheap way to encourage community involved, but how do you do it?
Tarp Surfing © The Ponder Room

Tap a tarp, add a good photographer, a couple of willing ‘pullers’ and invite the community along.

Tarp Surfing © The Ponder Room

Some kids ran through the ‘wave’, others were on scooters or skateboards. Some went solo, the smaller munchkins went with a big brother or sister. All of them appeared to have a blast.

Tarp Surfing © The Ponder Room

Afterwards I pondered …

  1. More proof that you don’t need a truckload of money to have a good time. Just like how the cardboard box is sometimes played with for longer than the actual present.
  2. I’d love to have seen the photos but I was on the wrong side, perhaps one of you has a photo and can send it through.
  3. Such a simple idea for so much fun. If you hear of any others please let me know.

Tarp Surfing © The Ponder Room

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