Why couldn’t the woman cross the road? (City to Surf)


On Sunday I tried to cross St Georges Terrace to get to a function at the Parmelia. Knowing that the City to Surf fun run was on and all the roads would be closed I managed to get someone to drop me off at the nearest corner … two blocks away. As luck would have it …

Perth City to Surf © The Ponder Room

I arrived at St Georges Terrace just after the next wave of runners had set off.

Perth City to Surf © The Ponder Room

Having been a runner in a previous life I knew that once they were in their stride there’d be no stopping them. Can you imagine if I’d tried to weave my way through them?

And so there was nothing to do but wait and ponder about …

… all the shapes and sizes of the inspirational West Australians who ran past.

… how interesting timing is. If I’d been a few minutes earlier or later I wouldn’t have witnessed this truly inspiring image or been able to bring you these images.

… here’s to taking a moment to enjoy serendipitous events.

Here are a few shots of those who came by.

Have I captured you in the photos?
Maybe you know someone in the photos?
Have you had a serendipitous event, or been in the right place at the right time?
Do you know anyone doing anything truly inspiring?
I’d love to hear from you.

Perth City to Surf © The Ponder Room
Perth City to Surf © The Ponder Room

Congratulations to everyone who entered.

For more information about the event go to http://www.perthcitytosurf.com/


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