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Spring’s just around the corner and that means summer which means  swimming, which means bathers, which means love handles, which means diets, which means hunger, which means irritability, which means loss of friends, which means sitting at home alone eating ice cream … or maybe that’s just me. There is another way … evidently.

hanks to Perth Fitness and Health Expo

Thanks to Perth Fitness and Health Expo

Next month sees the Perth Fitness and Health Expo come to the Perth Convention Centre which should provide enough motivation, inspiration, information , supplements and cute outfits to get you off the couch. If that’s not enough I just happen to have 2 pairs of tickets to give away, and you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas to enter (see below).

Sadly I’ll be in the eastern states when the Expo is on which is a real shame because I really wanted to go to this one, no honestly, for several reasons:

Natural Body Building competition

Many years ago I used to judge these events which was heaps of fun, especially the World Fire Fighter Games (what can I say someone had to do it). It takes a great deal of willpower to live on chicken and broccoli for weeks on end, learn a routine, don a tiny posing pouch, cover yourself in thick fake tan and then wander onstage in front of a heap of strangers to strut your stuff. It takes even more willpower to sit on the judging panel and constantly remind yourself that the fit guy on stage is only smiling at you because your holding a pen and a judging sheet … a girl can dream.

Thanks to Perth Fitness and Health Expo

Thanks to Perth Fitness and Health Expo

Powerlifting Competitions

In a similar vein powerlifting competitions can become addictive. Again I’m talking from the perspective of an audience member not a competitor. I’ve seen a few of these competitions in my time and was incredibly lucky to be on hand at the Sydney Olympics. The crowd really gets into it helping the competitor lift the weight, in fact the competitors rely on it. It’s a great way to yell out any built aggression that you may have hiding in the dark recesses of your brain.

The sight of people achieving their goals is always inspirational, especially when it includes bulging muscles and veins at the risk of popping, but if watching is not your thing there are other ways to get involved.

Thanks to Perth Fitness and Health Expo

Thanks to Perth Fitness and Health Expo

Test your fitness – I hear there will be a range of fitness challenges to take part in, way too many to mention here so check out the website.

Celebrities – Perhaps you’d prefer to catch up with Jake (The Celtic Kid) Mathews, Max (The Body) Philisaire, Mark Hunt (NZ Martial Arts expert) or Commando Steve. Or maybe chat to Michelle Bridges.

Exhibitions – You can’t have an Expo without exhibitions, show offers, and demonstrations so there’ll be a heap of them too.

So as I said earlier, because I can’t go (sob) I’m giving away 2 pairs of tickets for Saturday or Sunday. To be in the running for the tickets just …

  1. Leave a comment here saying why you need the tickets and
  2. ‘like’ my author facebook page (see link at the bottom of this website under the Facebook heading).

Winners will be randomly chosen from the entries. Entries close Wednesday 2 September 5pm (W.A. time). Winners will receive the tickets from the Expo organisers.

Perth Fitness and Health Expo is on September 11 to 13th. More information at Perth Fitness and Health Expo




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