Movie Review: Biosphere


Set in the not too distant future, the movie Biosphere contemplates life for the last two men on earth. I don’t want to give too much away. Suffice to say this comedy, drama movie is truly unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Imagine the world has come to an end, there are only two men left and they live together in a small biodome.

As the action starts it’s clear that Billy (Mark Duplass) and Ray (Sterling K Brown) have been living together for quite some time. They’ve slipped into an easy routine of exercise, eating, sleeping and finding ways to occupy their time.

One day a green light appears in the pitch-black sky and the delicate balance inside the dome starts to falter. Soon Billy and Ray realize their days are numbered. What to do?

Biosphere the movie is a funny, thought-provoking exploration of friendship, power imbalances, masculinity and change, but ultimately it’s about hope and as Billy says, that “life finds a way”.

As the movie came to an unexpected thud I pondered:

  1. Duplass and Brown are excellent together, making the action all the more believable;
  2. It’s a sad indictment that it’s easy to believe we could see a situation where the world has ended and those in the know have looked after themselves;
  3. The movie is completely unique and quite lovely, in a weird kind of way;
  4. The soundtrack is also brilliant in helping set the atmosphere;
  5. I did wonder if it was ever a play as it could easily be adapted to the stage. If not, it’d be fun to see.

For more information go to Luna Cinemas. In cinemas Sept 7 2023

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