Fringe World Review: Laser Kiwi Rise Of The Olive


I’ve seen Laser Kiwi before, so it was a no brainer to put my hand up for their 2024 Fringe show, Rise Of The Olive. Expect an utterly unique show featuring fast paced sketches, exceptionally stunts and the odd olive.

Laser Kiwi

The guys at Laser Kiwi think of everything, including a running sheet so you can keep up. Mind you I don’t think I looked at it once. My eyes were glued to the stage.

image The Ponder Room

With around 20 separate acts you have to pay attention. The acts include stunning rope work, upside-down juggling, questionable rap, 3-D glass action and Jenga to name a few. The show is even more impressive in a small venue as you can watch the movements up close.

Image The Ponder Room

Simply put, do not miss Rise of the Olive.

The Pleasure Garden – The Gold Digger – The Pleasure Garden
6-11 FEB @ 07:50 pm · 60 MINS

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