Fringe World Review: Murder Village


Not many Fringe World shows are sold out before they even arrive in Perth. That’s the case with Murder Village, An Improvised Whodunnit. Think Midsomer Murders meets Thank God You’re Here and you’ll understand why.

Murder Village photo (C) The Ponder Room

The Murder Village team arrived in Perth after sold-out seasons in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. I was thrilled to have a ticket, maybe not at thrilled as a Swiftie but thrilled none the less.

Before stepping into the tent, the audience was invited to log into a website and vote for the victim, murder weapon and killer. This simple approach means the action plays out differently every night.

The action is narrated by a police inspector, who is helped along by an Agatha Christie type amateur sleuth. The setting is 1950’s Murder Village and on our night it was death by golf club.

As the murderer was revealed I pondered:

  1. It’s a testament to the team that the tent was full on a 40+ degree day;
  2. Knowing the action is different every night, I was tempted to book another ticket, but they were already sold out;
  3. Make sure you sign up straight away if they come again next year;

For more information about the remaining Fringe shows check out Fringe World.


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