Brains Trust Vault (online courses)

We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to the newest initiative from The Ponder Room family, the Brains Trust Vault.

By now you know The Ponder Room started in 2011. This blog quickly exploded across 65 countries and now provides information and reviews (e.g. movie, events, food) to help readers get the most out of life.

Since then we have been developing a series of short videos for community events which can be found at The Ponder Room TV on Youtube. If you have an event you would like us to cover just drop us a line.

We continue to promote our books which are available here on Amazon both as ebooks or hardcopy and at The Ponder Room store we have started developing a range of gift ideas.

And so …

With a keen eye on consumer trends we are very aware of the push towards online learning and the desire for short easy courses. With this in mind we have been longing to set up a range of courses to help you live your best life. We are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our newest baby … Brains Trust Vault.

The Brains Trust Vault provides simple courses to help you unlock and live a better life. The main focus is on:

  • Business e.g. Freelance life; Personal Branding; Writing
  • Personal development/Health e.g. Grief; Me Time; Mental Health

The courses are based on:

  • 30+ years of professional research;
  • 30+ years of personal experience;
  • Our books that have already have already proved to be popular and helpful;
  • Face to Face Workshops which have been popular and had interest from places we haven’t been able to get to e.g. international clients.

At the moment the Brains Trust Vault is housed on the professional Thinkific online course website. As usual we researched the best sites before committing all our work to one platform. We feel confident in the platforms ability to meet our needs and those of our students. In the future we will develop a standalone website for the Brains Trust Vault however we wanted to start getting some courses out to you now.

We have a long list of course ideas. Right at the moment we have started with what we know people want and what we know has helped them over the past ten years. First up … drum roll …

Surviving Loss: 20 Things You Can Do To Feel Better Right Now.

We’d love you to head on over to the Brains Trust Vault and take a look. Please let us know what you think about the site, along with any course ideas you’d like to see.

Stay tuned for more updates including some special offers for people who sign into the Brains Trust Vault early.