The $1,200 Hot Chocolate (Rolling Stones Concert Perth 2014)


This is a tale of three friends, new technology and a hot chocolate that cost $1,200.

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The friends, let’s call them Stacey, Serena and Eve, hadn’t seen each other for several months and it looked like that would remain the case for several more months to come.

But then one Thursday night Stacey and June managed to catch up at a street festival, while Serena was at another function. When the function finished earlier than expected, a hurried round of text messages saw the three friends meet up at San Churro where Serena ordered a late night hot chocolate. 


After the usual regurgitation of their lives Serena was asked about The Rolling Stones concert she’d attended the previous Wednesday. With eyes flashing and hands flaying she relayed the concert highlights. Her excitement was contagious and as a result Stacey was soon taping her iPhone screen to see if there were any tickets left for the Saturday night concert. 

There are two tickets, not together, but I can get two tickets,’ shrieked Stacey.
After much excitement, the decision was made to further chance their luck and see if Stacey could find two seats together.
‘There are,’ said Stacey.
No,’came the chorus from Eve and Serena.
‘Whereabouts, up in the gods?’
No down on the floor, row L, two seats at the end of the row right in front of the stage. They look like really good seats,’ confirmed Stacey.
Ten minutes went by as the trio celebrated their luck, the phrase ‘it’s meant to be’being heard on more than one occasion.

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‘Okay, okay let’s do it,’ said Stacey.
‘Hang on how much?’ asked Eve.
‘$589 … each.’
Hmm, the mood changed somewhat as reality sank in. But the trio had come too far. They were already heavily invested in the decision.
‘Don’t do it just because I said the concert was good,’ pleaded Serena, ‘it’s a lot of money and what if you don’t like it?’
But her pleas fell on deaf ears.
‘Are you sure they’re for the concert in Perth, not Melbourne?’asked Eve.
Yes, you look too, and make sure it’s right.’
‘Looks right to me.’
And then the post purchase justifications began. Cries of ‘not having been out much’, of ‘the slim likelihood’ of The Rolling Stones coming to Perth again, and promises of ‘tins of tuna dinners’ for months to come.

The minutes ticked by as the trio oscillated between euphoria and financial reality.

‘Will you just buy them before it times out,’ pleaded Serena.
‘Oh God I’ve lost the link,’ cried Stacey.
‘What, no.’ 
‘I told you to hurry up.’
‘It’s okay I’ll just start again. Oh hang on I think I’ve found it again, yes the same two. What I did was …’
‘Will you just stop talking and press the button,’ demanded Serena.
‘Okay, okay but you’d better check it again.’
The three friends lent in and stared at the screen, six eyes confirming the date, time and location. Stacey and Eve were ecstatic, and began pondering about whether they should drive in or get the bus. Whether they should meet for dinner first or go straight to the Perth Arena. Whether they would meet Serena for a coffee after the concert or … 
‘Just press the buy button Stacey I can’t stand this anymore,’ said Serena again. 
‘Who’s credit card will we use, mine’s maxed out?’ said Stacey.
‘Mine’s pretty close too,’ added Eve.
Reality intervened once again to put a stop to their adventure. 
‘This is once in a lifetime … alright use mine, but you will be able to pay me back straight away wont you?’ asked Eve.
‘Sure,’ and as soon as Stacey had said this she followed up with ‘okay it’s done.’
‘Have you got them?’

‘Oh hang on. I’ve never used this app before. It’s asking me how do I want to get the tickets delivered, on the phone or pick them up. I’ll try on the phone, I’ve never done that before.’

Eve and Serena looked at each other, hopeful that not being born into the age of digital technological wasn’t going to be their undoing. Meanwhile Stacey franticly tapped the screen while muttering to herself.
‘Have you got them?’

‘Hang on.’

They sat in silence.
‘Have you got them now?’
‘Yes look,’ said Stacey turning the phone around for all to see.

Okay well then now that you have your tickets I’ll tell you a secret,’ said Serena, ‘I had so much fun at the concert that I bought a ticket for Saturday night too, I know it’s really extravagant, but my ticket was cheaper …’ Serena began rationalising.

‘So we’re all going?’ interrupted Eve.


The only thing left to do was celebrate the cup of hot chocolate that had just cost $1,200 and what better way to do that than with three macaroons (that only cost $12).
Stop Press: 
2pm Saturday afternoon Stacey’s iPhone button froze and she couldn’t get into the tickets.
Thankfully after much jiggling she was able to get the tickets up on the phone before it froze again. No one was allowed to touch or even look in the direction of the phone until they’d all made it through the Arena door.
The friends had a blast at the concert and Eve coined the phrase ‘unassumingly persuasive’ to describe Serena.
The hot chocolate from San Churro, made with a choice or white, milk or dark chocolate, was by all accounts delicious.

The moral of the story is … if you ever find yourself at San Churro, hot chocolate in hand, just make sure that none of your friends have been to a Rolling Stones concert beforehand. If they have, feel free to assume the position (fingers in your ears while saying lalala) as they describe the thrill of seeing these legends.

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  1. What a great reunion. Just as well Mick Jaggar saved the “lost voice” problem till today.
    As for the cost of tickets – if it brings pleasure in this troubled world go for it

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