Three Summers Movie Review


Three Summers is the latest cracking comedy from the ever insightful Ben Elton. It’s always interesting to hear an outsiders take on where you live. Even more interesting is an outsider who’s taken on insider status. One day while Eltons family was enjoying the Fairbridge Festival he wondered about the lives of people around him. What really goes on within the tents and how do their lives change each year.

Three Summers – Photograph by David Dare Parker

Three Summers explores the lives of people attending the Westival, a West Australian music festival. Part Ground  Hog Day we witness how the patrons lives change each year between their annual pilgrimage to the Westival.

Central to the story is a young violin playing, Irish dancing, singer of an Irish folk band (Rebecca Breeds). Also in the band is her father (John Waters). Other Westival acts are:

  • A Morris Dancing troupe (headed beautifully by Michael Caton);
  • An Indigenous dance troupe (Kelton Pell);
  • Two empty nester couples who meet up every year (Peter Rowsthorn);
  • A wannabe girl rock band;
  • A power tripping security guard;
  • An AA group (headed by Deborah Mailman).

Three Summers – Photograph by David Dare Parker

And then there’s the folk music-hating Theremin player (Robert Sheehan). Folk music-hating that is until Theremin meets violin.

Keeping the show running smoothly is Queenie (Magda Szubanski), who interviews the acts on her community radio station set up in the local church.

Three Summers – Photograph by David Dare Parker

It was great to see The Bondi Hipsters’ slip in as a food truck owner and potential love interest.

Three Summers is a romantic comedy with a cracking soundtrack.

Three Summers – Photograph by David Dare Parker

It wouldn’t be a Ben Elton project if it didn’t have a message, and in this film you get at least three.

Those of you who have watched Rebecca in various television shows you’ll know she’s a good actor. You won’t be surprised that she not only kept up with the seasoned performers, she absolutely shone.

Three Summers – Photograph by David Dare Parker

As the audience settled in for Elton’s Q and A I pondered:

  1. It’s worth going just to see the brilliant take on our national songs, including the national anthem, Once A Jolly Swagman
  2. Great to see another movie made in Perth.
  3. I wonder which group most matched Elton and his family.

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