Movie Review: Dating Amber


Dating Amber is a tender comedic movie about two gay school friends pretending to be a couple to fit in. The movie fits well in the shadow of Gregory’s Girl.

Set in Ireland in 1995, Amber (Lola Petticrew) is used to being ostracized and called names. It began a while back, but intensified after her fathers death by his own hands. Her cool exterior belies the impact. At school she watches on as the lads discuss their conquests. At home on her mothers caravan park, she tallies up the $10 notes gained by renting out the vans to her fellow students. The current balance, $2,000.

As she watches fellow student Eddie (Fionn O’Shea) hang out with the boys, she senses there’s something different about Eddie. For one he hasn’t hired a van.

Eddie also senses the difference in him but refuses to listen to it. Instead he goes about training for the Irish Army, something his army-based father has no doubt his eldest son will join.

One day Amber takes matters into her own hands and draws Eddie aside from the schoolyard gang under the guise of wanting a snog. Once out of view she confronts him and suggests they act like a couple until school ends.

At first Eddie is appalled, declaring he’s not gay. But after some thought he agrees to the scheme, and so the fun begins.

Dating Amber is a funny, tender coming of age story. Both actors are excellent, depicting the right amount of cool for Amber and innocence for Eddie. The nineties soundtrack is a bonus. If you liked Gregory’s Girl you’ll love this one.

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