Movie Review: The Rose Maker


If you liked the movie Perfumes, you’ll enjoy the heart warming comedy drama, The Rose Maker and if you like flowers, particularly roses, you’ll love it. Apart from the movie itself there’s the added bonus of French scenery, a much needed boost for any grounded travelers out there. Well worth the trip out on what was a very stormy night.

Eve (Catherine Frot) lives and works on her on much loved and now deceased fathers’ rose farm in France. Over the years she has become revered as one of the most famous rose makers in the world. However times have been tough since a large competitor moved in and took over the market.

We find Eve considering the unthinkable, selling her farm to her competitor. Worse than that is the thought of handing over her fathers legacy. Unable to keep her staff things look grim.

As Eve contemplates the worst, one day a van arrives and three people step out.

Unbeknown to Eve her loyal secretary Vera has hired three hapless people from a back-to-work program. With all hands on deck things might be okay. But there’s a problem. The workers know absolutely nothing about gardening.

With no choice Eve sets about teaching the team about growing roses, however it soon becomes obvious that it’s not enough, they have to come up with an idea. Desperate and crazy actions are required. Actions that will see all of them grow and change their lives forever.

The Rose Maker is a delightful, heart-warming movie. A reminder that family comes in all types and that when all looks lost, there is always hope. The movie provides some stunning scenery and an interesting insight into how new roses are “born”.

For more information go to Luna Cinema Starts August 5. French with subtitles.

There will be a special rose making vent on the 5th

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